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A Long Time is Four Months in Politics

Posted by JJ in Hats Off, Gentlemen (Thursday April 12, 2007 at 10:23 am)

Opportunista par excellence Belinda Stronach has announced her departure from politics. Last Christmas (the Frosty Wonk’s heart’s just dripping with familial warmth), between the lights and roaring fire of the hearth, her father asked her to take a multi-million dollar executive position with his multi-billion dollar company — for the good of the family.

It took her four months to think “long and hard”, before her dimming prospects at a quick route to the top in politics paled before the bright lights of the quick route back to the top in business.

This may prove to be nothing more than a temporary withdrawal until the time seems right. Only time will tell. After all, Belinda categorically denied her interest in the leadership of the new Conservative Party when she was busy working on its merger, only to run for that post weeks later; and claimed that her last-minute crossing of the floor in 2005 was based purely on longstanding differences with her party, notwithstanding the timing of the event and the front-bench ministerial post she instantly assumed. Why should her decision to be “involved in a different way” be any more certain than these pronouncements?

Apart from unnecessary and scurrilous news stories, Canadians aren’t likely to notice Belinda’s absence from national politics all that much. Magna shareholders, on the other hand, may want to ask one important question:

How suitable for a senior leadership post is someone who takes four months to make a decision?

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