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Holding Out on Tenure

Posted by JJ in Golden Tacks, Chancellor's Footrule (Monday April 9, 2007 at 3:22 pm)

News that an otherwise stellar academic’s lack of published works was behind the denial of his full professorship is bound to raise concern. After all, why should writing be the hallmark of professorship and tenure when Universities have become much more valued for teaching than research? Perhaps because there is a difference between tenure and professorship.

Tenure is designed to protect the academic from dismissal, preserving her freedom to explore, research, and express novel and unaccepted ideas. Why, then, should we be concerned with protecting the academic freedom of those who restrict themselves to training professionals, rather than participating in the academic discourse in which publication is still the most significant tool?

And, of course, why should the Courts be overruling decisions taken by University officers?

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