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Posted by JJ in Bad Press (Sunday November 5, 2006 at 11:56 pm)

Thin Black Line

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Reading Susan Delacourt’s Analysis piece in Sunday’s Toronto Star, an question occurs: is discussing the nature of journalism’s failure to inform the public intended as an excuse for the Star’s behaviour:

Publishing a sensationalist piece whose claim: “Trouble Between PM and GG?” is raised only by partisan sources and contradicted by reliable sources within the same article (Oct. 5/2006)?

Reporting that a candidate’s response to a journalist’s question constitutes his “musing” about the issue (”Harper Muses on Possibility of Majority Win”, Jan. 8/2006)?

Accepting partisan figures on spending without presenting easily-accessed independent statistics for verification (Daycare, Dec. 7/2005)?

Does Ms Delacourt’s review of Frank Rich’s analysis mean that the Star will cease to act as a neutral mouthpiece for politicians and do its readers the basic service of simultaneously and visibly presenting the information needed to assess their claims? Would that do a disservice to the public? Wouldn’t it elevate both the quality and reputation of the paper?

Wouldn’t that be nice?

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