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Posted by JJ in Bad Press, A House Divided (Monday June 5, 2006 at 6:23 pm)

The CBC had a warning this morning for the citizens of Quebec:

Hash Shipment Bound for Montreal

Street prices were expected to plummet as a large, well-publicized supply was about to flood the local market. Dealers, desperate to unload their old stock before the bottom fell out of the market, began a bitter price war. Like those between WalMart and Target, Macy and Gimbel’s, and Messalina and Scylla, casualties were high and public concern low.

The prospect of a buyer’s market kept many would-be buyers at home today. “Why hustle that extra fiddy when it’s gonna be twenny tomorrow? I got other ways to get off, man,” said one, speaking on conditional release. “It’s just common sense. Those b!#%-breakers ain’t gonna get me for the difference,” explained another, who was unable to recall his name.

Late in the day, the street price hit rock bottom: two packs of gum and a Towers rookie card, before suddenly, someone bothered to read past the headline:

Twenty tonnes of hashish seized off the coast of Africa was destined for the Montreal market, police say.

Ah. But say, wasn’t the headline far more fun?

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